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Passionate about teaching? Looking for a platform on which to share your knowledge, connect with professionals, and empower careers?

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At Paradigmpeople, our aim is to create a global network of world-class trainers and industry-experts who, in turn, create and deliver high-quality course-ware that resonates with professionals the world over, cutting across domains

What’s in it for me?

We are able to guide you to becoming Accredited so you teach only the best courses worldwide.

You will work with Big Brands course ware such as Axelos, EXIN PeopleCert APMG and many more

We will support you in producing your own courses and where applicable support in the accreditation process for the course ware. Additional courses and materials you produce will be used to train professionals worldwide, meaning increased visibility, a larger audience for your content, and the chance to become part of the elite training fraternity, worldwide!

Show me the money!

At ParadigmPeople, we know the value of your time and effort & also understand that offering fair, flexible
compensation options is a part of your business ethos. With our revenue-sharing model, you have the opportunity
to earn a very good income both part-time and on a full-time basis, the choice is yours!

What does it take?

  • A great deal of passion for teaching and sharing knowledge

  • Domain expertise with relevant certifications (We can assist in your Certification programs)

  • A commitment to develop and deliver best-in-class training to a global audience



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