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Course Description

The Certified Digital Marketing Associate course is tailored to anyone interested in knowing various digital marketing channels & learning key concepts.

Course Summary

Name: Digital Marketing Professional SCDM – P™
Duration: 20 hours / 3 days
Delivery: E-learning
Accreditor: SMstudy
Language: English

Learning Outcomes

A Certified Marketing Strategy Professional is able to define all marketing activities that use electronic devices connected to the internet to engage with customers


SMstudy® Certified Digital Marketing Professionals facilitate well-planned digital marketing strategies to meet the targets set by the overall Marketing Strategy. Given the nature of the constantly evolving online world – with new channels developing with greater frequency, and audiences exploring new sources of online content- Digital Marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of sales and marketing. A SMstudy® Certified Marketing Strategy Professional is able to define all marketing activities that use electronic devices connected to the internet to engage with customers. Successful candidates will be awarded the SMstudy® Certified Digital Marketing Professional certification by SMstudy after passing the exam.


Following is a brief description of topics covered in Digital Marketing certification training.

Overview of Digital Marketing: This section provides the purpose and framework of the DMBOK® Guide; an overview of the Aspects of Sales and Marketing; the Digital Marketing certification schema; and a brief history of Digital Marketing.

Overview of Digital Marketing Elements: This section provides an overview of Digital Marketing elements—e-mail marketing, web analytics, search marketing, popular social media platforms, affiliate marketing, and search engine optimization. It includes a brief discussion on e-mail marketing and its related metrics; web analytics tools such as Google Analytics; search marketing; popular social media marketing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; affiliate marketing; and search engine optimization.

Understand and Evaluate Digital Marketing (DM) Channels: This section provides an understanding of DM channels such as website, mobile devices, and social media. It focuses on tools used to identify and understand the dynamics of all available Digital Marketing channels. This also goes into the technical details of evaluating and selecting channels that help achieve a company’s overall organizational goals and objectives.

Plan and Develop DM Channels: This section discusses the processes associated with developing DM channels. It includes specific steps required to create an effective website; develop an effective mobile site or app; build an effective social media presence; and set targets for each of them.

Optimize Website: This section takes a close look at the first DM channel—the website. Once the website has been created, it is critical to ensure that it is optimized to achieve maximum reach; build strong relationships with customers; and support the company’s reputation. Some of the important tools discussed in this section include search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and website analytics among others.

Optimize Mobile/Tablet/Devices: The mobile channel, which includes both the mobile site and mobile app, is discussed in detail in this section. It focuses on optimizing the mobile channel to achieve maximum reach; build and enhance relationships with customers; and support the company’s reputation. Important tools discussed for mobile site or app optimization include mobile analytics, mobile app updates, and search engine advertising among others.

Optimize Social Media: This section describes the steps required to optimize a company’s presence on various social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. Important tools discussed for optimizing social media for reach, relationship, and reputation include social media advertising, sentiment analysis, and guest blogging among others.

Important Elements of DM Channels: This section discusses DM elements in detail. The following elements should be considered while creating a comprehensive Digital Marketing strategy:

  • E-mail Marketing: This discusses components of e-mail marketing, types of e-mail marketing, benefits of e-mail marketing, and important metrics of e-mail marketing.
  • Web Analytics: This discusses the important Digital Marketing metrics, web analytics tools, mobile analytics, and social media analytics.
  • Search Marketing: This provides information about search engines and key metrics used for search engine marketing.
  • Popular Social Media Platforms: This discusses activities such as video marketing, image marketing, and blogging that are relevant to different social media platforms
  • Affiliate Marketing: This provides an overview of affiliate marketing and how it can be used to increase marketing reach of a company.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This provides an overview of SEO, benefits of SEO, and SEO guidelines.

Trademarks & Copyrights

This associated accredited course has been licensed to Paradigm Management Solutions UK Ltd from her partner and course ware provider Copyright © All rights reserved.

Target Audience

Anyone who is interested in becoming a Digital Marketing Professional


There is no formal prerequisite required for this certification. However, it is preferable to complete the SMstudy® Certified Digital Marketing Associate certification and study the recommended processes in the SMstudy® Guide – Digital Marketing book before applying for the SMstudy® Certified Marketing Strategy Professional certification. All required resources are provided as part of the online certification course.


Unsure whether you meet the prerequisites?

Don’t worry – we’ll discuss your technical background, experience and qualifications to help determine whether this course suits you. Just call us on +44 845 682 4690 and speak to one of our consultants.


Course Agenda

  • Overview of Digital Marketing Elements
  • How Marketing Strategy drives Digital Marketing
  • Afternoon session
  • Understand and Evaluate DM Channels
  • Plan and Develop DM Channels
  • Optimize Website
  • Optimize Mobile/Tablet/Devices
  • Optimize Social Media
  • Discuss DM Elements in detail and their application to the sample case study and to your company
  • Discuss popular DM tools such as Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) and Web Analytics
  • Self -study online from SMstudy subscription about how DM Channels can be effectively used Work in teams and discuss DM channels assigned to your team


Physical Resources

SMstudy Guide – Digital Marketing, A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Marketing

A Guide to the SMstudy Sales and Marketing Body of Knowledge (SMBOK® Guide or SMstudy® Guide) is a series of books that provide guidelines for the Sales and Marketing of products and services. The third book in the SMstudy® Guide series focuses on Digital Marketing, providing a unique process-oriented framework that, when effectively used, ensures a thoughtful and methodical approach to building and implementing digital marketing initiatives, and yields a Digital Marketing Strategy that is comprehensive, aligned across all departments and functions of the business, and designed for success.

Digital Marketing Professional (SCDM – P™) student workbook

A comprehensive workbook covering syllabus areas concerned with Digital Marketing Professional Certification as defined in the SMstudy® Guide. The workbook covers the highly recommended inputs, tools and outputs of each process discussed in the SMstudy Guide®, Book 3—Digital


Digital Marketing Professional (SCDM – P™) chapter test

Chapter Test booklet contains chapter questions and justifications for gauging students’ understanding of chapter concepts. Students can discuss as well as clarify their doubts during the interactive session after each chapter while they are given feedback on areas of improvement.


Examination Vouchers

When you think you’re ready, just contact us and we’ll order your exam voucher.

If you chose to purchase the course and not the exam and then decide at a later date that you can see the benefit that the additional Certification will give you, no problem, just purchase the course again and ensure you include (choose) the exam option, then using live chat or email contact us and we will issue you with a code to use at the checkout. On confirmation of the payment out support team will send you via email your voucher and instructions on how to enroll for the exam

What you need to know about the exam(s):

You can take the exam online
Exam Format: Closed Book.
Questions: 100 multiple choice questions
Passing Score: subjective
Exam Duration: 120 minutes.
Proctoring: Online Live
Languages: English

Exam Location

  • In class, at the course venue
  • Remote, at any approved location with a webcam (home/office)

Exam Planning

The exam can be taken on the last day of the course or can be scheduled to be taken at a later date.


Digital Marketing certifications offered by SMstudy, the most credible Sales and Marketing accreditation body, are based on the DMBOK Guide. SMstudy offers the following certifications for Digital Marketing:

  • Digital Marketing Associate (SCDM-A)—The Associate level certification is tailored to anyone interested in knowing various Digital Marketing channels and gaining a basic understanding of the Digital Marketing framework. This is available for free on along with more than 400 hours of free course material. This certification exam is not proctored and candidates have one hour to complete each exam. The prerequisite for this certification is an understanding of the first two chapters of the DMBOK Guide.
  • Digital Marketing Professional (SCDM-P)—The Professional level certification is for anyone interested in gaining an in-depth knowledge of the various Digital Marketing channels and the Digital Marketing framework. This certification exam is proctored live and candidates have two hours to complete the exam. The prerequisite is a study of the DMBOK Guide with more emphasis on the highly recommended inputs, tools, and outputs for each process of Digital Marketing.
  • Professional level certifications are also available for the following elements of Digital Marketing:
    • Affiliate Marketing Professional (SCAFM-P)
    • E-mail Marketing Professional (SCEM-P)
    • Search Engine Optimization Professional (SCSEO-P)
    • Search Marketing Professional (SCSM-P)
    • Social Media Marketing Professional (SCSMM-P)
    • Web Analytics Professional (SCWA-P)
  • Digital Marketing Specialist (SCDM-S)—The Specialist level certification is tailored for people who are interested in planning, developing, and optimizing available digital marketing channels to achieve the defined objectives. This certification exam is proctored live and candidates have three hours to complete the exam. The prerequisites are a study of all of the relevant inputs, tools, and outputs for each process, three years of related work experience, and twenty mandatory educational hours.
  • Digital Marketing Expert (SCDM-E)—The Expert level certification is for people who have experience in the Digital Marketing field and want to learn advanced concepts in the constantly evolving online world. The certification exam is proctored live and candidates have four hours to complete the exam. The prerequisites include the Specialist level certification for Digital Marketing, a study of all of the relevant inputs, tools, and outputs for each process, five years of related work experience, forty mandatory educational hours, and recommendations from two peers and a manager.


Professional Development Programs

It is also mandatory to earn 20 educational hours by attending Digital Marketing Specialist classroom training provided by Paradigm Training.

Resources & Downloads

Online Resources


190 High Quality Videos
High quality, interactive, and engaging online videos teach each chapter and knowledge area. All course videos are prepared and presented by industry experts
7 Helpful Study Guides

Study guides for each chapter cover key concepts in all knowledge areas. These are also available in downloadable formats that can be accessed whenever needed

 174 Test Questions

Practice tests for each chapter help students gauge their preparedness. You even have the flexibility to select the number of chapter test questions you want to attempt

218 Terms and Definitions

Important terms and concepts for all chapters and knowledge areas are included. You can also use these terms as a collection of flashcards for practice and review.

Mobile App– Access courses in all formats anytime, anywhere through VMEdu’s innovative mobile app and enjoy the same learning experience that you get online.

Progress Tracking – Track your progress in any course and chapter online or on mobile app and continue from where you left off.

Continuous Improvement – Knowledge area-wise analyses of exam results with justifications for each question help you identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses.
Collaborate and Learn -Team members can discuss with each other and learn collaboratively

























Additional information

Public Class Bookings

All physical classroom bookings are based on a minimum of 4 attendees – Where the candidates fall below this criteria the course may be cancelled and you will be offered a FULL refund. You can also choose to re book on a different date or choose a virtual class.

Please send an email to for a list of course venues and dates in your area.

If the course is cancelled for any reason by Paradigm people you will be offered a FULL refund

Virtual Class bookings

Once you have booked this course, you should email providing a list of dates you ideally would like your training to commence and end.

The training does not have to run concurrently but can be spread over 4 days, evenings and weekends.

Once you have provided our scheduling team with your dates and times, they will create a schedule for you in line with the accredited trainer.

E-Learning class Bookings

Currently all the e-learning courses offered by Paradigm Training are licensed from our accredited courseware providers who together with us offer you a seamless learning experience.

You will benefit from the experienced trainers advice from both our partners and our own accredited trainers who are on hand to support you on this learning journey.

.The course trainers and mentors are available to answer questions by email through the virtual classroom environments that we assign you.

Additional learning based questions can be sent to where we will pass the questions on to the appropriate trainers.

Financial Committment

We at Paradigm people built this platform in order to ensure that learning and the sharing of knowledge is the principle focus for us.

Knowing this, if you (the learner) wish to take this course and has a financial encumbrance that prevents the enrollment for this course, please reach out to us by email to and we will work with you to ensure knowledge acquisition and learning is still an outcome.

We will dialogue with you in the strictest of confidence in order to bring your learning to gain


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